Our Competence

SAFAA offers a diverse business solutions portfolio. SAFAA Engineering is a reputable business house that has emerged as a major integrated services and trading entity. 

Our experience, competence and independence make us the most reliable & competent partner for all our clients. Our efficient services in all areas of expertise result in total customer satisfaction and repeat business almost always.

We provide services for every aspect of a project’s lifespan, from the initial identification of a business requirement through to management and/or ownership of the resulting facility. We are experienced in every possible delivery method, but regardless of contract type we take responsibility for our role and actively manage every component of the process. Our diversified divisions are:


SAFAA Telecom Solutions & Services

Our Comprehensive Telecom services provide a one window turnkey solution for all your telecom Needs Successful Deliveries Include. Over 450 Complete Build Sites. More Than 10,000 TI Installations 250 Site Acquisitions
Over 350 Hybrid/Solar Installations More than 1200 Sharing Sites 300 Commercial power Connections.
4 Fiber Optics Deployment Projects Own Fabrication Facility Preventive & Corrective maintenance

SAFAA Civil Works Construction

We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of almost all areas of the country enable us to perform in all kinds of conditions with complete efficiency.
4 Multi story commercial Plazas
2 housing Societies
over 10,000 Km street light deployments
Numerous sewerage & Infrastructure deployment projects

SAFAA Diesel Generators

Having One of the largest Fleets of new and rental Generators in the country makes us uniquely qualified to meet large scale orders on short notice with complete deployment & After sales services. Our Generator portfolio includes
165 15 KVA Generators deployed across Pakistan
over 250 20 KVA Genset Deployments in remote regions of the country for Armed forces, Government & Private sector Organizations
More than a dozen 100 KVA Genset deployments on CPEC and other projects
250KVA generator deployment for Pak Armed Forces
More than 350 Rental units of various ratings all across Pakistan
Complete Range of maintenance and overhauling services
Our own Workshop & Warehousing Facilities in all major regions of the country


SAFAA’s excels in the fields of commercial POWER and Solar Renewable Energy with a multitude of solutions available to meet customized requirements by all our clients.
Hybrid Solar solution deployed at more than 350 remote locations for Telecom Sector
complete design and deployment of Solar energy solution at 45 government buildings in KPK
More than 60, Solar Drip Irrigation and Tube well system deployments across Punjab
20 Poultry Sheds converted to stand alone solar power system
more than 500 residential solar installations

SAFAA Logistics & Supply Chain

SAFAA Logistics provides you a comprehensive range of transportation and logistics solutions tailored according to your needs. Our team of experts first analyze your needs and then offer you a customized solution which is cost effective and fulfills all your requirements.
Inhouse Fleet of heavy Duty Logistic Vehicles
State of the art Ware House Facilities all across the country
Freight management System
Highly competent & Experienced team of logistics personnel

SAFAA Mechanical & Fabrication

SAFAA offers sophisticated Mechanical Engineering services to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products.
Our state of the art fabrication facilities are fully equipped to produce
Generator Canopies
Cable Bridges
Power DB's & Junction Boxes
Steel Shed
Guard Rail
Pre Fabricated Offices

SAFAA DC Power (Rectifiers and Batteries)

We offer the most comprehensive services for Telecom DC Power. We are committed to meeting all your service needs with our team of highly trained professionals. Our wide range of services include Supply, Installation and commissioning, project management, preventive maintenance, battery maintenance and 24/7 emergency services.
More than 2000 Battery Bank Swap Projects
Core Rectifier & Power Solutions
Power system Upgradation
Anti Theft solution

SAFAA HVAC & Manage Services

We offer a complete range of Manage services to Telecom, Public & Private Sectors in the country.
Generator Maintenance Project for Armed Forces of Pakistan
PM & CM Services for all major Telecom entities in the country
Core Locations Power & HVAC Maintenance<
Supply & Installation of HVAC Units at Core Locations across the country
HVAC Maintenance projects for a number of Government Office complexes
Comfort & Precision Cooling Systems
Fire Protection Services

Core Values

We’re putting in place, strong foundations and fundamentals to consolidate SAFAA as a safer, more trusted, more reliable & more valuable company. As part of this standard operative process, we have five values that express our collective understanding of what we believe and trust & what we want our company to be based on


We respect and value the world in which we operate. It begins with compliance with laws and regulations. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and behave in ways that produce the trust, reliance and confidence of others. We depend on the relationships we have and respect each other and those we work with. We value diversity and variety of people and thought. We care about the consequences of our decisions, whether they be large and small.


We are committed to excellence through the systematic, efficient and disciplined management of our operations. We follow and endorse the rules and standards we set for our company. We commit to quality outcomes, have a thirst to learn, and improve. If something is not right, we correct it.


What we do is rarely easy. Achieving the best outcomes often requires the courage to face difficulty, to speak up and stand by what we believe in. We always strive to do the right thing. We explore new avenues and are unafraid to ask for help. We are honest with ourselves, and actively seek feedback from others. We aim for an enduring legacy, despite the short term priorities of our world.


Safety is superior business. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce, employees and the communities around us. We care about the safe management of the environment. We are committed to delivering safe engineering solutions to the world of business.

One Team

Whatever the strength of the individual, we will accomplish more together. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability. We trust each other to deliver on our respective obligations.

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